PVB film Introdution

PVB film Introdution

PVB film Introdution

PVB film, also known as PVB Film, PVB film, PVB film, PVB interlayer, etc., English name: PolyVinyl Butyral Film, chemical name is: polyvinyl butyral film. Its essence is a thermoplastic resin film, is made of PVB resin plus plasticizer.

PVB film can be widely used in building laminated glass, automotive laminated glass, solar photovoltaic glass, bulletproof glass, soundproof glass. Has a very good security, to prevent the glass due to external forces under the broken pieces of splashing wounding. In addition it is soundproof, anti-ultraviolet, can be made of color or high transparency, with optical application value, such as the application of solar photovoltaic. PVB film used in building curtain wall glass has been 70 years of history, in the automotive and construction industry regulations, requiring the use of PVB film as a security protection purposes. In recent years, with the improvement of energy saving and environmental protection requirements, solar PV market with each passing day, the PV-PVP film demand is more and more obvious.

Difference with EVA film:
EVA film that is ethylene - vinyl acetate copolymer, EVA film can also be used for laminated glass and solar PV modules, but EVA film is generally used for decorative laminated glass and ordinary solar PV modules, in many applications are very close, PVB film relative to EVA Membrane in the use of the following advantages:
1, PVB is a thermoplastic resin, no cross-linking reaction, EVA is a thermosetting resin, a cross-linking reaction;
2, PVB film safety is higher than EVA film;
3, PVB film without cross-linking reaction, it can be repeated processing and utilization;
4, PVB film weather resistance, long-term stability is better, can be resistant to yellowing;
5, PVB film formula is more simple, longer shelf life;
6, PVB film fluidity is poor, can prevent the process of film overflow occurred in the situation
At present the industry's best photovoltaic PVB for the Taiwan Changchun Chemical Group PV PV film production

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